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In today's globalized world to find a product or its manufacturer is at one click away. Anybody can find anything anywhere. However, here at Brainco we are one step ahead of that, we take pride of 17 years of experience doing it. With a Personal, Prompt, Efficient, and Professional Service, we guarantee the perfect communication with the supplier or manufacturer avoiding territorial restrictions and disputes, establishing a professional level of relationship necessary to make your operation a success from the beginning until the end.


If you already know the product and the supplier and need a company just to consolidate it with other goods from other suppliers on a single shipment, we can provide you that. We handle re-invoicing, In-House Packing and Crating and relabeling reducing cost and cutting unnecessary expenses making your product more affordable and competitive at its final destination.


If you sale your product in the USA and need distribution, we are totally capable to handle it for you according to your needs. It allows your company to reduce the operational cost of a local company without compromise the results. We can coordinate pre and post sales procedures customized to fit your needs. From our Headquarters in Miami we can reach anywhere in USA within 12 hours as well as any other in the world.